Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Volunteer Orientation

Interested in volunteering at the library this summer? We're having a new volunteer orientation on Saturday, May 19 at 2:30pm! We'll go over the rules of volunteering, teach you how to shelve books, and set up schedules. We'll provide food!

If you're interested in attending, please contact Allison at allison at wblibrary dot org, or call the library at (512) 989-3188. See you there!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking for a Book Sale Coordinator

The Wells Branch Community Library is looking for an industrious, organized, committed person to manage and lead a one-day booksale for our community library. This person will work with staff to coordinate the planning, marketing, set-up, sale, and clean-up for this event.

This volunteer will recruit other volunteers to help work the sale, create and distribute advertisements, organize books for sale, etc. During the day of the sale, the Book Sale Coordinator will be managing volunteers and assigning them tasks. We're looking for an energetic, committed volunteer who can take the reins with organizing and planning the entire event.

Previous volunteer coordination experience helpful, but not required.

If you're interested -- whether you're a volunteer with us already or not -- please come by and talk to me (Allison) about it, or email me at allison at wblibrary dot org!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Volunteering Update

We had a great 2011 in volunteering! Over the year, volunteers gave us 2,717 hours of help! That made all kinds of things possible at the library -- from programs for kids and adults to inventory to making sure all the books get back on the shelves!

We're still accepting applications now if you're considering joining us!

We also have some upcoming programs we could use some extra hands for, if you're available. If you're interested, please email me at allison [at] wblibrary[dot]org!

Feb. 24th, 5pm-7:30pm -- Schave & Reilly Comedy Show -- We need 1-2 volunteers to set up chairs, count attendees, distribute and collect surveys, and clean up the room.
Mar. 24th, 9am-12pm -- Fairy Tale Tea Party -- We need 5-7 volunteers to decorate room, set up chairs, assist with tea and snack serving, assist with crafts, count attendees, distribute and collect surveys, and clean up the room.
Apr. 14th, 10:30am-11:30am -- The Magic of Recycling -- We need 1-2 volunteers to set up chairs, count attendees, distribute and collect surveys, and clean up the room.
May 5th, 10am-12pm -- Scott Sutton Drawing Workshop -- We need 2-3 volunteers to set up tables and chairs, assist with drawing, restock and sharpen pencils, count attendees, distribute and collect surveys, and clean up the room.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello! and -- Fall Volunteer Appreciation Party

Hi, I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself -- I'm Allison, and I'm the new Volunteer Coordinator here at Wells Branch Community Library! I've been working here since November 2010 as the Adult Program Librarian, and now I've added volunteer duties to my job. I'm very excited to get involved -- we have such a wonderful group of committed volunteers here at the library!

If we haven't already met, please introduce yourself next time you're in!

A great time to meet would be our Fall Volunteer Appreciation Party! It will be Saturday, November 12, at 2pm, here at the library. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tickets to Texas Star Hockey Game

Free Texas Stars Opening Game tickets for WBCL Volunteers.

When: October 9th at 5pm
Where: Cedar Park Center

The Texas Stars (hockey team) are offering free tickets to our library, as a community partner, for their opening game. The game is on Sunday, October 9th at 5:00pm. They will be playing the Oklahoma City Barons. The tickets are available for volunteers at the WBCL. Please let Kristin ( know before 6:00pm this Friday (9/30) if you would like tickets.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Volunteer of the Month - June/July

June's Volunteer of the Month - Georgia Hodde

The staff has come to depend on Georgia for her dedication and commitment to the library. She has been one of the most entrusted volunteers we have at the library. The Wells Branch community it very fortunate to have such a committed volunteer.

July's Volunteer of the Month - Jay Jackson

Jay has volunteererd at the Austin History Center and we are now fortunate to have her here at WBCL. She has been recognized on numerous occasions for her great work ethic and the quality of her works as a shelver at our library. She has been volunteering since February, and has been very dependable and reliable. We all appreciate her very much.

Thank you volunteers for all you do!