Friday, September 11, 2009

We need your help shelving books at the Wells Branch Community Library!

Join our friendly staff and volunteer team at the Wells Branch Community Library! We need help returning library materials to the shelves during the week.

Benefits of being a Shelving Assistant include:

* Help keep the library collection neat and orderly.
* Help patrons find library materials by returning items to the correct place.
* Save the library time.
* Discover new library materials as you review the collection.
* Meet new people.
* Engage in meaningful work.
* Add structure to your life.
* Earn volunteer hours for school.
* Gain excellent work experience.
* Add to your resume.
* Learn new skills and share your ideas!


* Dependable.
* Familiar with the library layout.
* Excellent skills in alphabetizing.
* Able to categorize items and identify items out of place.
* Available 2 hours per week between Monday and Friday.
* Able to lift 10 pounds, bend & stoop, and push a cart.

Complete and submit an application form today. They’re available at the circulation desk or online at
Contact Lisa Metzer for more information (

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