Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wells Branch Community Library volunteer tidies up the Young Adult section

Oralia Adame recently volunteered at the Wells Branch Community Library several mornings a week. She accomplished remarkable work in the Young Adult section, diligently organizing library materials and cleaning the shelves. Oralia worked with joy.

In these photos, Oralia is standing in the Young Adult section, and she is holding one of her favorite books. Regarding her volunteer experience, she shared these thoughts: "I absolutely loved it here! I feel like I experienced a lot with shelving the books and being sure that they are in the correct order. I felt right at home. Like I was on my own here just placing books in the correct spot. And, the people here are super nice! There is not one person that I met that had a negative attitude. Everybody had smiles on their faces and always welcomed people, including me, with open arms. I would absolutely love to volunteer here again! Thanks, Oralia."

Oralia made a big difference, and we will miss her!

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