Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wells Branch Community Library Volunteers Made a Difference in 2009!

You made a difference at our library in 2009!
I want to quickly share just a few examples of how your help benefited our library this past year:
  • The materials in our adult non-fiction section were to shifted to make more space. Thanks, David!
  • Librarians had more time to plan great library programs because volunteers managed our desk shifts. Thanks, Lois, Laurie, Inna, Tabish, Ricardo, Susmitha, and Danielle!
  • Library patrons could buy books from our ongoing book sale because a volunteer sorted them on a weekly basis. Thanks, Sarah!
  • Adults and kids attended programs of all kinds (arts & crafts, science, story times, family-friendly concerts). Thanks, Dianne, Jolanda, Alexandra, Casey, Krissy, Ana, many more!  
  • Adults attended helpful computer classes taught by experienced volunteers. Thanks, Alison, Mark, and Jonathan!
  • More books were added to our collection because volunteers cataloged and processed them. Thanks Kathleen, Sandra, and Andrea!
  • Library users could find movies to watch and graphic novels to read because students from Connelly High School organized them every week. Thanks, VOE team!
  • Our glass windows looked squeaky clean and clear because volunteers washed them inside and out. Thanks, volunteers from Dell! People found the items they needed and discovered new ones because volunteers shelved and organized materials.  Thanks Michael, Tom, Joyce, Billy and Jackie, Joy, Sean, Nadia, Kavya, Divya, Laurie, Dawit, Jeffrey, Safiul, Ana, Victoria, Cassandra, Benju, Prativa, Angel, Timothy, Oralia, Phuong, Carlie, Meredith, Emily, Steven, Jennifer, Tuan, Aashara, Aaron, Alpha, and Kian! 
  • Our landscape looks lovely and supports native plants due to the dedicated efforts of a volunteer. Thanks, Lois!
  • Kids enjoy monthly chess classes because a volunteer teaches them. Thanks, Tom!
There are many more examples and names to recognize, and we appreciate you all.

The impact is clear—
Our volunteers make the library a better place
and help us meet the needs of our community.

We can’t thank you enough!

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