Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New "Odd Job" list for Wells Branch Community Library Volunteers!

Wells Branch Community Library Volunteers, this list is for you!   Did you finish your assigned volunteer task? Are you looking for a different job to do? Are you in the mood for something different?  Check out the new "Odd Job" list!  Pick something from the list, ask a librarian for instructions, and have fun!  Remember to record what you did in the volunteer binder.  Please comment on this post, and share your ideas for "odd jobs," too!
  • Sort plastic HEB bags.
  • Run copies of library brochures and neatly fold them.
  • Make sure the adult DVDs are in the correct order (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Make sure the adult AUDIO books are in the correct order (fiction and non-fiction; cassette and CD).
  • Sharpen pencils for the library.
  • Dust the library shelves.
  • Shelf-read the adult non-fiction 001-320.
  • Shelf-read the adult non-fiction 320-508.
  • Shelf-read the adult non-fiction 508-640.
  • Shelf-read the adult non-fiction 640-740.
  • Shelf-read the adult non-fiction 740-820.
  • Shelf-read the adult non-fiction 820-999.
  • Sort the E-book bins in the children's room ("E" stands for easy reader, like picture books!).
  • Tidy the children's area: puzzles, Legos, and games in the study room).    
  • Search the library's online catalog. Identify, locate, and pull books for the displays.
  • Organize the newspapers. Make sure the dates are together. Put them away.
  • Front face books in the adult section.
  • Other ideas? See something else that needs done? Let us know - add your comments to this post!  

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